We're Hiring!

Ide Min is currently seeking crew to join for the Atlantic Crossing. Please fill out the form below, and include if you have tickets or certifications. Kindly send your CV and availability to crew@kaapkargo.com. 

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imagine. Moving cargo across the ocean without fossil fuels. Sounds like magic right? It's not. It's happening. The wind and the currents of the sea, the robustness of our crew: Cape Kargo is 100% powered by nature.

Kaap Kargo operates a fleet of sailing cargo vessels docked at the NDSM wharf in the north part of Amsterdam. From our home base, or any other European harbor upon your request, we cross the Atlantic to drop off, or pick up, sustainable goods at the Caribbean and the Americas with large sailing ships. Coffee, cocoa, rum, wine, tea, books, bicycles. you name it. We sail it.


Our current fleet consists of the Ide Min, a thirty-meter-long vigorous steel two-master, with approx. 60 tons capacity and the Lun II, an alluring wooden two-master with approx. 20 tons capacity. If your plans are bigger than us, we can easily tap into a pool of befriended captains to temporarily increase our sailing cargo capacity.

We proudly sail the organic coffee beans for Kaap Koffie.

Contact us: huib@kaapkargo.com | erik@kaapkargo.com